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Crafting Home Living Space Furniture

Established in 2017, we specialize in creating personalized wardrobes, kitchens, shoe cabinets, and a variety of other custom furniture items. Situated in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, our focus is primarily on meeting the unique furniture requirements of the Selangor region. We have formed partnerships with local clients and engage with them through diverse sales channels.


About Us

Our organization employs over 20 staff members, encompassing roles such as production manager, carpenter (involved in cutting, thickening, drill arrangement, modeling, edge banding, installation, and packaging), personnel department, and warehouse management (including finished product and accessory storage). The company guarantees the delivery of high-quality products through systematic process assurance, implementation, and inspection measures.

Core Competitive Advantages


Tailored Design: Placing customer requirements at the forefront, we offer customized furniture designs that cater to individual preferences. Whether addressing space constraints, specific functional needs, or unique style preferences, our expert team crafts optimal solutions to meet the distinctive tastes of our customers.


Premium Materials: We carefully choose top-quality materials, including fine woods and robust accessories, to guarantee that our products not only meet but exceed customers' expectations in terms of appearance, durability, and performance.


Exceptional Artistry: Our skilled team of experienced carpenters excels in a diverse range of woodworking techniques and processes. Their exceptional craftsmanship ensures that each furniture piece is meticulously created, adhering to rigorous standards of high quality.

Product Features

To cater to the diverse requirements of our clientele, we provide two material choices: Melamine and PM board.Employing advanced waterproofing technology, we ensure 100% resistance to water, delivering comprehensive protection for furniture against moisture and liquid damage. Our Aluminium Door, designed for both practicality and durability, features a robust frame crafted from high-quality aluminium alloy. The integration of the aluminium frame and the waterproof board for the door center presents an ideal solution for your kitchen. The 45° oblique edge banding handle enhances the cabinet door's aesthetics. With a variety of color options available, we acknowledge that each person's home decor style is unique. Hence, we offer an extensive range of colors to ensure your home design harmonizes perfectly with your personality and preferences.