About Us


“Mirai Town Shop” The Right Platform for Sellers and Consumers to Sell and Buy Home Products
Reliable and Faster Process, Things get done from the Comfort of Your Couch

At Mirai Town, we focus on the safety, reliability, and comfort of all sellers by connecting with buyers to sell their home products.
Our platform offers you a variety of helpful features and faster process to make your experience better than others.
We prioritize your peace of mind most so that you can sell more and grow your business easily.

We offer the super fastest growing platform and provide effective guides to help you reach your desired level of success.
In our platform, both sellers and customers get the assurance of trusted selling and buying experience.
Thus, our exceptional platform is both ways beneficial for all. So try your chance today and enjoy the best experience ever.


"Mirai Town Shop" 卖家和消费者之间的绝对买卖平台。

一个可靠, 简单又快递的流程,让您在弹指之间就能完成。

在 Mirai Town, 买家可与我们联系来询问卖家所售之产品,以便让您更能专注于产品的安全性,可靠性以及实用性。

Our Promise

We promise the best for you every time you use our platform.
We have made things so easier that you can instantly buy your home products the moment you are ready.
Through the latest technology and innovation, we ensure millions of shoppers can find home products easily and quickly.
No matter how far any customer lives, our combined endeavour makes them stay closer. 


“优质服务“是Mirai Town对客户做出的承诺。
无论客户生活有多繁忙或遥远, Mirai Town都能拉近彼此的距离。

Our Culture

We believe that every consumer is very much important to us.
We also give the right value to the millions of users using this awesome platform.
We are promised to provide a culture at Mirai Town that ensures both ways beneficial for sellers and buyers.
Everyone here can make the most out of our platform.
Mirai Town is a symbol of reliability and prosperity.


Mirai Town 让卖家与买家享有利益的同时也提供双赢文化。
Mirai Town是可靠与繁荣的象征。

Our Story

The commencement of Mirai Town started when we saw a huge gap in online selling platforms. Some of the platforms lack the use of the latest technology; some lack innovation, some lack reliability, and so on. So it’s hard for sellers to choose the best one and stay relaxed by selling from the comfort of their couch. As a result, Mirai Town is created to fill up the gap and bring huge potential to the sellers to reach millions of buyers all over the world.

It was founded in August 2020 by 3 millennials who inspired to help sellers to move into digitalization and at the same time, solving consumer needs in a one-stop platform. Using our platform, you can sell your products easily and quickly. Whether your product is home decor, home furnishings, home improvement, or housewares, you can sell them right away. So enjoy the habit of selling and expand your business over a matter of short time.


Mirai Town诞生于20208月,源自于三位千禧一代的年轻人,其创建灵感来自于其他在线销售平台的不足。
Mirai Town的创建刚好填补这些空白,不单帮助卖家迈入数码化销售,还为卖家带来巨大的潜力,同时也吸引着全世界的数百万买家。